Northwest Esports is a community development organization by gamers, for gamers.

Our mission is to lead esports growth within our region by giving the community a place to call home for cutting edge competitive gaming; developing an all-inclusive, self-supported, esports culture.

Our vision is establishing the largest and best regional esports community to date.

The History
Existing in the backyard of VALVe Headquarters, a rocks throw from Microsoft, Northwest Gamers have established a style of their own. Over at least a decade of legitimate LAN competitions for reasonable payouts with generous sponsorships have occurred in this region, at a variety of current and passed LAN Centers.

Welcome Home
Northwest eSports is your answer for regional, legitimate competitive gaming. Leagues, practice PUG’s, teams, community servers, events, & more.

Build your Community
Find other local, like-minded players. Build your team for competition at local events.

Become an NWES Ambassador
Be a leader in the Northwest eSports community. Moderate matches on our servers, compete in our league fee’s FREE, and enjoy members only events with prizes from our Sponsors.