CS:GO Wingman LAN Ruleset

Tournament Format:

– 2v2 Wingman Mode

– Double elimination bracket

– Best-of-one matches in the upper bracket

– Best-of-three matches in the lower bracket and grand finals


Match Rules:

– Maps will be picked using the “knife for sides" method, where the team that wins the knife round gets to choose which side they want to play on

– The team that loses the knife round gets to pick the next map

– In the case of a tie, the tied map will be replayed with the teams switching sides

– No coaching or communication with players outside of your team is allowed during the match

– Any form of cheating or exploiting game bugs is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification


Server Rules:

– Servers will be provided by the tournament organizers

– Teams are responsible for their own configurations and settings

– Any problems with the server must be reported to a tournament organizer immediately

– Any form of server manipulation or exploitation is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification


Player Rules:

– Players must use the correct in-game name that they have registered with

– Players are expected to have a good attitude and show good sportsmanship

– Players that engage in any form of harassment, hate speech, or discrimination will be disqualified

– Players that do not show up for their match within 15 minutes of its scheduled start time will be disqualified



– Tournament organizers reserve the right to make decisions that are not explicitly covered by these rules in order to ensure a fair and enjoyable tournament experience for all players

– All decisions made by tournament organizers are final