NWESports.org Sponsors & Partners

Atlas Networks is an avid supporter of Northwest Esports and Local Area Network (LAN) gaming; boosting our internet for events and encouraging the growth of our community by outreach to their customer base. Supported by a small group of Seattle technology professionals, Atlas Networks is an unmatched internet service provider in our region. Learn more about Atlas Networks at http://gigabitseattle.com


DKT Brand is a player-owned Mousepad & gaming accessory development company, led by the world renowned Quake Champion & Counter-Strike 1.x professional Brian “destrukt” Flander. Our exclusive partnership provides our user base the opportunity to game with exceptional gear at our events. Brian has been a huge motivator and supporter of NWESports vision since our beginning. Learn more about DKT Brand at http://dktbrand.com


Virtual Sports is a digital entertainment and one-of-a-kind lasertag venue South of Seattle, WA. Facilitating regular Esports meetups, hosting 14+ Xbox Ones, 14 VR bays used by local developers to regularly test their games in development, and a miraculous lasertag experience; partnering with Virtual Sports was pinnacle in solidifying our Esports presence in the Northwest. An unmatched local digital entertainment experience, check out their events on our event calendar and learn more about what they offer at http://virtualsports.net




SeattleVR Gamers is an established group of gaming fanatics seeking to establish Esports in the budding world of Virtual Reality. With unique initiatives getting VR in the hands of the local community, along with a formidable motivation for VR development and competitive gaming- we are absolutely excited to get involved with a group as such. Expansive, organized, committed, and regional- Seattle VR Gamers approached us with shared goals for the Northwest community, on a unique and modern platform. Check out their Facebook Group


GE2 is a groundbreaking experiential entertainment exposition hosted in Seattle, WA yearly; including Virtual Reality, Lasertag, Drone Racing, Esports, Dodgeball, Classic Arcade games, & much more! The GE2 team requested partnership of NWESports to facilitate their Esports development and host event tournaments. Learn more about this unique entertainment exposition at http://ge2.live


What would a gaming organization be without BAWLS Guarana?! A classic and staple energy drink in the gaming scene; NWESports has had support from BAWLS Guarana since 2004! Providing gamers much needed caffeine, along with great tasting beverages, BAWLS was our first choice for a drink sponsor. Check out their new Ginger flavor and more, at http://bawls.com


Plugable has entered the realm of developing gaming peripherals in a big way! Lead product developers received feedback from our community members; in exchange for amazing prizes for our events! A company residing right here in the Northwest, we could not be happier having their support. Check out their gaming mice and keyboards at http://plugable.com


We are so excited to have the support of popchips, a delicious and low calorie snack available at all of our events; simply for being present. Popchips outreach staff gave NWESports a unique opportunity to get fantastic snacks in the hands of snack-loving gamers. “Go Skinny Chipping!” at http://popchips.com